A Cheap and Sturdy Greenhouse for just 50$!

This great hoophouse was made completely from scratch by David LaFerny on DoorGarden.com.


A greenhouse this size would cost many hundreds of dollars as a kit or manufactured.

Starting with the design for the end segments, he labors over every single detail in a step-by-step tutorial written for someone with absolutely zero greenhouse building experience.

Find the full tutorial on the DoorGarden website.


Pop-up Greenhouse

A GreenhouseFarming.net reader sent in her favorite greenhouse. Sharon says “After a few times setting it up and putting it down I am able to set it up in about 5 minutes!” I think this greenhouse takes the world record for being the quickest to set up. It takes mere minutes to transform it from its compact … Continue reading

Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Hot sunny days are a good thing – but too much of a good thing can likely to cause havoc for plants inside a greenhouse. It’s just like the earth as a system – we love the greenhouse effect of our atmosphere, but too much of them will start roasting us all. One method of … Continue reading

Growing Microgreens

Microgreens are any plant eaten in its sprouting stage. It’s like the veal of the plant kingdom, free of the obvious cruelty. Sprouting grains, nuts or seeds is actually a great way to make them easier for the human body to digest, therefor both healthier and more nourishing. Sprouts are growing in popularity among sub … Continue reading

The Chicken Coop Greenhouse

Thanks Rhonda for sending in this great combination greenhouse/chicken coop design from zumbrun.net The designer has built a greenhouse and a chicken coop side-by-side into the same building, with a separator between for when the plants inside need to be protected. In the colder seasons the greenhouse is heated by all those chicken bodies that … Continue reading

Easy Foldable Greenhouse

This foldable greenhouse pops up and down whenever you need it to. Need to plant something? Pop it up. Need to protect your plants on a cold windy day? Pop it back down again! It’s the murphy bed of greenhouses – simple and compact to conserve on space when its at a premium. You can … Continue reading

Greenhouse Construction Pictures

These are some construction photos from our recent construction of a 5×8 greenhouse. First, we modeled the greenhouse in Sketchup based on the sizes of windows that we had. You can see that all the frame sizes are a little bit different and that a few panels on the north side are just plywood. First … Continue reading

Soil Blocks Soil Mix

This is the soil mix recipe we use to make a soil that holds together well enough to be used for soil cubes. Bucket used is 10 quart, or 2.5 gallon. 3 buckets peat and 1/2 cup lime pre-mixed together 2 buckets sand and 3 cups fertilizer pre-mixed together 1 bucket garden soil 2 buckets compost … Continue reading

Miles Better than Pots: It’s Soilblocks!

We used to spend hours making little newspaper pots with the Pot Maker for seedlings. It was fun the first time but real old after cranking out the thousandth pot with dried out newsprint stained fingers. The soil cuber invention changed seedling time entirely for us. The concept is a little complex, but rock solid … Continue reading

Finding Free Greenhouse Glass

These are few places we have used to get free glass for greenhouses. Usually its best to get your windows first, then design your greenhouse around the windows you can get. When it comes to free glass, you don’t get to pick your dimensions. Window Makers I learned that you can get cheap or free … Continue reading