The Wall o Water Greenhouse

The wall o water greenhouse is a self contained greenhouse that you fill with water from the hose.


The brilliant design allows the water to store heat from the sun, and the thermal mass of the water keeps the plants warm through cold periods like nighttime, windy days, or even before and after a growing season!

It’s one of the only foldable greenhouse designs, able to be set up or packed away again in under a minute. The structure of the greenhouse comes from water which you can fill the greenhouses up via a hose.

wall o water folded

This is our enormous collection of walls o water. We roll them up and store them snugly in a 5 gallon bucket. There’s so many that soon we’ll need a second bucket!
wall o water storage in 5 gallon bucket

Adjusting Wall o Water for Heat or Ventilation

Like all well designed greenhouses, Wall o Water can be adjusted depending on your plant’s needs.

The Wall O Water design supports 2 shapes, both great for different situtations.

Filling the wall o water less than full will result in a “cone shape” while filling to capacity will give you a shape much closer to a straight-walled cylinder. For larger plants, you can fill the wall o water to capacity


My Experience with Wall o Water Greenhouses

These are our wall o water greenhouses, earlier this spring, celebrating their 10th anniversary, still as solid and useful as ever. We took these Wall o Water greenhouses to Canada from Denver, and no one uses them around here. Locals probably think a team of Martians have landed.

Our plants really thrive under wall o water conditions which is why we ended up collecting so many. We couldn’t imagine growing without them!


Where to Buy Wall o Water Greenhouses

Most of our wall o water greenhouses were bought at garden centers, but thanks to Amazon we now buy them all online. This is a perfect product to buy online because they fold up so small that they can be shipped for cheap. It’s one of those items you can get from Amazon for free shipping if you need enough of them.

Check out the listing on Amazon to see if they’re on sale right now.

Wall o Water Repair

Walls o water are a little bit delicate! They won’t spring a leak for no reason but say you’ve got thorny roses in your garden, or scratchy cats – or even kids that like to kick them like we used to do when we were young.

These repair kits are pretty smart. Instead of having to “patch” the water bladders like you would with a bicycle tube, you just have to slip an extra sleeve right in there. It takes about 5 seconds to repair, and the repaired sleeve is much more resistant to damage than it was before because it’s now double-walled! So if you order some wall o water greenhouses, be sure to include a repair kit in there too, so that your walls o water will last as long as ours have already.

wall-o-water-repair-kitHow to Fill Wall O Water

This is a great trick we use for filling Wall O Water. After being stored all winter, especially tightly compacted into a bucket like we do, the bladders can be difficult to fill.

Our solution: stretch Wall O Water around a 5 gallon bucket, then fill with a hose. The added structure gives the hose something to push against and the bladders are then much easier to fill.

filling wall o water 5 gallon bucket

Final Wall O Water Advice

These are a few of the lesson’s we’ve learned from a decade of using these every year.

  1. Wall O Water works better where you have more sun. They don’t work that well in a cloudy climate such as the pacific northwest.
  2. If your plant is growing underneath a Wall o Water in the cone position, never remove it cold turkey without first opening them up into the cylinder position for a few days.  It’s like putting a plant out without hardening it off.  The plant is shocked and it dies.
  3. If it freezes and your plant has grown out the top of the cone, only the part poking out will die.  The inside part lives, but in the case of tomatoes you will have to train a side shoot to become a new leader.