Easily Throw Stuff Outside with a Greenhouse Hatch

greenhouse hatch plywood

We “accidentally” made this greenhouse hatch after breaking one of the big glass panes while building this 8×10 greenhouse.

We used to keep a special container for plant trimmings so they wouldn’t get all over the floor.┬áNow we just throw everything organic we don’t need right out the escape hatch into the garden. We’re considering even putting a compost pile there.

The greenhouse hatch is a really basic design, it’s just 1/2″ plywood cut to fit the hatch and two hinges. We keep a pole handy to prop the hatch open for when we need it.

The hatch also provides a great deal of ventilation, which is really needed now that it’s June.

Our hatch is on the north side, so sun isn’t coming from that direction anyway – so we’re not losing any photons by having the hatch instead of another window pane. You can see that actually many of the adjacent segments of the greenhouse on this side are plywood as well. This entire greenhouse was built with salvaged windows so we designed it around the windows we had.

greenhouse hatch and interior