Two for One! Greenhouse+Shed Combo

I saw my first greenhouse/shed combo when I was exploring our local Big Orange Hardware Store while looking for some 5 gallon buckets for another site I write articles on.

The idea behind a combo shed is that it serves multiple purposes depending on the season. This can be really crucial if you are a city dwellers, and have limited property to work with! People out in the country may have the luxury of separate tool and gardening outbuildings but for someone on a postage stamp lot, you’ve got to really get as much use out of each square foot as possible.

This is an example of a structure with separate tool and gardening areas.


But my favorite shed/greenhouse combination units have both greenhouse and shed functionalities in the same space.


Both aspects are made better by the presence of the other. A tool shed may conjure up images of a dark shadowy cave full of spiders – a place that as a kid you might pretend is an evil castle. A shed with a bright window out to the world is a much more enjoyable and pleasant place. And the greenhouse aspect is improved by all those tools being right there when you need them.

The fact that these are portable is great too – you could conceivably move the entire operation depending on the time of year. For instance, in the summertime you might locate your greenhouse+shed underneath the boughs of a large oak tree, while in the winter you it could sit front and center in the sunniest part of the yard.

I’ve started to even spot custom built greenhouse sheds out in the country near the family farm. In the future I think greenhouse shed combos are going to get a lot more popular as people start to see the clear advantages of combining these two crucial outbuildings.

Hey, here’s another thought – what about adding yet one more function to your greenhouse shed by putting some chickens in it? We actually sometimes raise meat chickens in our greenhouse when it gets colder outside. That way they stay warmer and use more of their calories for putting on pounds and less for heating their big lazy bodies.meat-birds-greenhouse