Automatic Greenhouse Vent Opener

The best way to keep a stable greenhouse temperature is by installing an automatic vent opener. If you’re using your greenhouse in the shoulder seasons, or even in the summertime, an autovent can prevent your plants from essentially baking to death in a solar oven.


These openers are designed to work with the window panels you already have, assuming they open out. The greenhouse vent openers I’m talking about today won’t work with a sliding window.

The idea is simple – the autovent is usually closed – except when the internal greenhouse temperature rises above a certain level. Then the autovent will open using a hydraulic system, similar to how the truck right outside my apartment is lifting our dumpster.


An autovent isn’t necessary if you’re heating your greenhouse – like say with propane – because your heater should be moderating the temperature already. Just like with a house furnace it will switch on when the temperature drops below a set point.

This is the autovent we’re using. We actually installed in on the rubbish hatch we mentioned in a previous article. The company we got this autovent from has a few different models of varying strengths. We get fairly stiff breezes, so we went for the 3 spring model. So far we’ve been very happy with it. An autovent gives you one less thing to think about on the greenhouse farm.

automatic greenhouse vent opener