Keeping Chickens in a Greenhouse

If you visit our greenhouse on any randomly chosen day, and take a peek inside, you’ll most likely find a typical greenhouse interior. Seed trays on one side, tomato plants strung up on other, both framing a bare earth floor.

But sometimes, you might get real lucky and you’ll find our 8 x 10 glass greenhouse full of chickens!

chickens in greenhouse

But why on earth would anyone keep chickens in a greenhouse!?

Greenhouses are all about energy efficiency. That’s true not just for plants, but also animals.

These are meat chickens. Broilers. That means that they’ve been specifically engineered to have a high feed to weight gain ratio. This incredible breed of chicken can gain a pound of weight by eating just 2 pounds of feed.

But to get those highly efficient numbers, conditions have to be right. And one of those conditions is warmth. A warm environment during cold and wet months helps these birds hold on to more calories and grow faster and stay healthier.

Chickens can also be employed to eat down the stubs of old plants and weeds, or to remove any grass that creeps in.

chickens eating grass

And after they’re finished, they leave little fertilizer presents behind to help new plants grow next season.

By the way, these birds are so tubby that they can’t get over this greenhouse’s 3 inch doorway ledge. By way of contrast, egg chickens have no problem clearing 6 feet.