Greenhouse Construction Pictures

These are some construction photos from our recent construction of a 5×8 greenhouse.

First, we modeled the greenhouse in Sketchup based on the sizes of windows that we had. You can see that all the frame sizes are a little bit different and that a few panels on the north side are just plywood.


First each wall was laid out with 2x4s and nailed together. We laid it out around the glass we had to make sure of a good fit.

diy greenhouse frame

Our whizbang garden cart served as a mobile base of construction.

greenhouse construction site

Cutting out the plywood pieces for the north side of the greenhouse.

cutting greenhouse plywood

Putting together the rafters for the roof all at once. Strange shape and not too heavy so they were built on the ground.

greenhouse rafters

Concrete brick foundation is dug into the greenhouse spot. The floor of the greenhouse is just soil and grass.

greenhouse footings

Framing is quick going. Long boards with stakes on the end serve as support for the walls to keep it all square.

greenhouse walls up

Putting the roof on – corrugated plastic sheeting that lets UV light in.

frame finishing greenhouse

It’s starting to look like something!

greenhouse roof almost on

Not all windows are in, and some were broken in the process. Whoops! Plastic sheeting is used in the mean time.

mostly done greenhouse

Door is a used screen door from a house.

windows with plastinc

Bonus! Turning the grass floor into meat. That grass floor sure didn’t last long after it was torn up by a couple dozen hungry broilers.

chickens eating grass