The Chicken Coop Greenhouse

Thanks Rhonda for sending in this great combination greenhouse/chicken coop design from


The designer has built a greenhouse and a chicken coop side-by-side into the same building, with a separator between for when the plants inside need to be protected. In the colder seasons the greenhouse is heated by all those chicken bodies that put out a surprising amount of heat when inside, keeping any remaining plants warmer for longer.


The inside of the greenhouse is usually about 20 degrees warmer than the outside air, so automatic vent openers are employed to vent extra heat whenever temperatures climb too high. Read more about automatic vent openers and how they work >>


The cleverest design feature is the water pump tucked into a corner. It makes watering plants and chickens very quick and easy – no bucket lugging or dealing with twisty hoses!


A lot of great designs and ideas all in one place here in the chicken coop greenhouse.

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