Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Hot sunny days are a good thing – but too much of a good thing can likely to cause havoc for plants inside a greenhouse. It’s just like the earth as a system – we love the greenhouse effect of our atmosphere, but too much of them will start roasting us all.

One method of dealing with overheated greenhouses is the automatic greenhouse vent opener we’ve mentioned on a prior article. A more low-tech but equally effective solution is greenhouse shade cloth.


Using Greenhouse Shade Cloth

Sometimes entire fields will be covered with shade cloth as far as the eye can see – it can be important to shield seedlings not just from harsh breezes but also the strongest rays of day.

Greenhouse shade cloth has hemmed edges and grommets so it can be securely fastened against wind. It is most often worn on the outside of the greenhouse.

Make sure you get enough shade cloth for your greenhouse. To cover a 12:12 pitch roof you will actually need 40% more length than your greenhouse is wide, and that’s not counting the walls. For example, a 10 foot wide green house will need 14 feet of shade cloth.

Shade Cloth Ratings

Often shade cloth will be rated for how far it will drop temperatures in a greenhouse. This lets you plan better to buy the correct shade cloth for your unique situation and plant needs.

A popular shade cloth rated at 70% means that 70% of sunlight is blocked, allowing 30% of that light through.

Buying Greenhouse Shade Cloth Online

Amazon has a very broad category for shade cloths, you should be able to find cloth to stretch any backyard greenhouse size.