Germinating Seeds in an Oven

Have you ever considered that the oven in your kitchen can be used as a climate controlled greenhouse?

We use the oven to germinate seeds, nothing works quite as well. No need to turn the oven element on, we just keep the incandescent oven light on for as long as we need to get a good germination.

germinating seeds in an oven

Having those seeds right there in the farm kitchen, where we spend most of our indoors time anyway, means they can be checked on constantly which helps to nurture them to maximum health in those early days.

We learned this trick from our Grandpa who germinated tomato seedlings in their Colorado oven every year.

In all his years of using that kitchen hothouse, seedling apocalypse only happened once. An uninformed Grandma turned on the oven to bake a batch of cookies, and the house soon filled with the stench of burning dirt and plastic rather than chocolate chips.

The teensy soil blocks that sprout get transplanted into larger soil blocks. Soil blocks are also a great way to keep track of germination rates, which are quite favorable in the closely monitored conditions in the kitchen.

Read our new article on Soil Blocks for more about them! >>

seedlings under grow light

By the way, we’re using old juice cartons cut in half with soil blocks to germinate seeds. Perfect fit for all sized of soil blocks and they’re completely watertight because they used to hold juice!


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